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Running behind, as usual

These are the lottery horses as they looked right before I left for Boise two weeks ago. They don’t look much like this anymore – everyone is much darker now – but they aren’t yet finished. Soon, though!

It’s hard to tell with so many of them at a rather pale stage in the photo (and with the camera flash making them even more so), but so far the plan has:
a Finn in a “red silverish” sabino
an Al-Hadiye in dapple rose grey (started out life chestnut)
a Maggie in dark dapple grey
an Eira foal in blue sabino roan
and a Pixie in bay fewspot

Oh, for more hours in the day. Or perhaps some better time management skills!

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Taking a break from shiny pony making to don my horse color geek hat…

I found this guy last night. He’s a Dutch Heavy Draft, which is a breed where frosty roans are really common. (That’s the color of his dam there in the picture.) I certainly wasn’t looking for – or remotely expecting – this color. To my knowledge, the only dilute found in the heavy European draft breeds is silver. That dilute is pretty common in the Breton and the Comtois, and is occasionally seen in Brabants and some of their relatives. Certainly nothing like this blue-eyed, pink-skinned taupe fellow!

My first guess would be that he is the “new” pearl dilute. This foal has a bay sire and a bay roan dam, and pearl is a recessive. Previously that color had been identified in Paints (where it has been referred to as the “Barlink factor”) and in the Iberian breeds, but more recently it has been confirmed in Gypsy horses. Finding it in one of the European heavies would be really unexpected. At least there is a test for pearl, though, so hopefully his owners will have him tested.

(Oh, and click on the photo for a really huge version of the picture.)

[Edit: The foal, who was actually a filly named Marinka van’t Heereind, unfortunately died of colic before reaching maturity. She was tested and found to be black (Eeaa) and negative for cream, silver and pearl.]

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