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I have survived another trip to Idaho for Mayhem. I think I even managed not to bring home any extra pounds, which wasn’t easy. Sarah’s husband Chris makes a really, really good pina colada! (Though perhaps trying to use them to clean my brushes may have helped limit the calories!)

I did bring home a few shiny things, like the “Brownie” pictured above, and molds to make more shiny things. And, as usual, I came home with a head full of new ideas and inspiration in abundance.

Unfortunately what greeted me was a very, very sick husband. We took Alan to the emergency room the day after I arrived home, and he was diagnosed with pneumonia. The poor guy is now bedridden, so needless to say he is even more grateful than usual to have me home again! So I will be handling that, and getting things back in order in the studio, for the next few days. I do have a lot of things to share from the trip, but I’ll probably spread them out over several posts.

In the meantime, I will share one of the “formal” pictures of the first glaze Imp, the grulla pintaloosa “Butterbean”.

A friend also pointed out to me that I should include something to show his scale, since my hands – which are really small – could be misleading. The original Imp was small enough, and earthenware shrinks another 6%, so he is smaller still.

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My first glazed Imp, “Butterbean” is finally done. He wasn’t cool enough to pull from the kiln until it was dark out, so I won’t be able to get proper studio pictures of him before I leave for Boise. But I had to share, because he’s just painfully cute!

It’s hard to tell in this photo since there is a lot of glare (no photo cube!), but he’s a grulla pintaloosa. I was a little worried because almost all his detailing was handpainted, and that’s always a big chance when working with underglazes. But it all fired just as I hoped it might. Perhaps he picked up on all the good Mother’s Day karma floating around!

He’ll be flying out with me in the morning, since I want to show him to Joan and Sarah. I’ll post “real” pictures of him when we return. In fact, it will probably be a bit of a baby boom around here when I get back, since the others will have Imps to work on, and I’ll be glazing a Brownie or two.

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