A weekend with my horse

I went down to Georgia this weekend to visit my horse, Sprinkles. She’s been down there with a trainer for the past month. We had a good time and she’s doing so well, but it’s been a really long time since I went on a long trail ride. My family has gotten to hear me whine about how sore I am ever since I got back!

I got the picture of the Spotted Saddler colt (above) while I was there. I thought his partially blue eye was neat, and he was quite agreeable when it came to getting pictures of it. He was there with four of his half-siblings, all around the same age and all black tobianos or toveros. They made a neat set all lined up along the fence.

Now I am back and getting children ready for the start of school. They go back tomorrow, and I already have all my bisques neatly set out, with their reference material in a stack under them, and their underglazes pre-mixed. I guess it shows that I’ve been looking forward to back-to-school for a while now, even if my children have not!


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