My friend Thumper, trying to convince me that he is actually a bunny resting in the fall leaves.

My rubber Imp came out almost perfect. Not a single bubble marred his tiny face or heavily textured coat! He was, however, completely missing his tail. So I can conclude that my clever trick for surface bubbles was working for me. The same cannot be said for my grasp of sprue placement. Doh!

I thought about cutting the missing tail sprue and pouring another rubber this morning, but decided it was time for a break. We’ll be spending the Thanksgiving holiday with my in-laws, and I’ve been playing in the studio when I should have been packing. (The last time I did this, we had one child who packed a suitcase full of Legos instead of clothes.)

When we get back, I’ll pick up where we’ve left off. In the meantime, I hope everyone has a lovely Thanksgiving filled with food and family.


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