Artistic Detour

I thought I would come home from Alabama and get straight to work on some of the projects still sitting in the studio. That got a bit derailed when I got a call from the head of the Stewardship Committee at our church, asking if I could make an illustration for the Stewardship dinner invitations. So I’ve been drawings loaves and fishes for the last few days, instead of making mud ponies.

It was fun to shift gears and do a little flat artwork. It’s not something that I do a lot of anymore, and I’m not entirely sure that smiling fishies were exactly what our pastor had in mind! But left to my own devices my artistic style tends to swing between children’s-book cute and overly romantic Art Nouveau. Somehow French loaves just don’t “flow” right for the latter, so they got beady-eyed fish.

Now I just need to finish up some of the website artwork while I have all the markers and colored pencils out!


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