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Thistle auction

There are more pictures of the claybody custom Highland Pony mare, “Thistle”, on the website now. (There is a second page of pictures that is linked to that page.) Her auction page is up on the Auction Barn here, though it doesn’t go live until 8pm.

She’ll be the last piece from the studio before I go on hiatus following my surgery, but I’ll explain more about that in a later post.

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Claybody Custom preview

This is the third of the four Sarah Minkiewicz-Breunig claybody customs I have glazed. (The first one, Dixon, can be seen here. The second one, Dawson, is pictured in this post.) She is still in her bisque form in this picture, and hasn’t yet had her handpainted done, so she is both darker and more detailed now. The picture does give an idea of what she looks like, though. I was using her as a sample to show Addi how I dappled, so I have in-progress pictures taken at each step that I will try to post later.

She is scheduled to go in for her (final) glaze fire tonight, and with luck I’ll have pictures of her in her finished form some time this weekend.

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