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A fun challenge

A few months ago, some other ceramic artists and I were discussing techniques, and I thought it would be fun to see how each one of us might approach the same color. I picked this guy as our guinea pig, since he had a lot of things going on with his pattern that might highlight our different methods.

Here is the first one that was completed – a “Jitterbug” by Addi Velasquez. (He’s even for sale.) Addi says she will post her step-by-step process to her blog.

My guy – a “Finn” – is also finished, though I haven’t gotten a chance to get his final pictures yet. I will have a step-by-step, too, though I probably won’t have time to compose it until after the lottery is finished. And I did jump off a bit from the pictured color, so it will probably be as much a look at how I design colors and patterns as much as how I glaze things. I’m not sure my actual techniques are that much different from Addi or any of the other “Pour Horse School” glazier, so perhaps that will be more interesting that way.

And please tell me if the blog gets too focused on technical things – or if I get too pedantic! Because blog conversations tend to be rather one-sided, there isn’t the normal feedback that lets you know that you are maddening to others!

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