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New horses for 2010

I have been dying to be able to announce these two new pieces ever since last Mayhem, when Sarah first showed them to us while they were still in progress. Sarah has more information about “Elsie” and “Oliver” on her blog, and as she mentions the two will be produced in earthenware here at Blackberry Lane.

These will be the first non-mini edition, and I am excited about the opportunity to work on a larger ‘canvas’. I also have a soft spot for broodmares. When Sarah explained that she wanted to do a set that touched on the universal theme of motherhood, I was sure I wanted to produce them. Even so, I wasn’t really prepared for how much these two really resonate with me.

Which is probably a good thing, because while their “story” makes my heart sing, that mare’s tail is making my mold-making mind reel! I have no doubt that we’ll get them translated into ceramic, but I suspect they will make for some interesting blog posts before it’s all over.

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