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Challenge Awards for Clinky Classic


I am cutting it close, with the show just one day away, but here are the awards for the Blackberry Lane Challenge Class at Clinky Classic V. I really liked how the crackled art glaze worked with the realistic coloring on the horses, so I will probably return to this idea again in the future. These were finished at the last minute because I have been running both kilns almost non-stop for the last few weeks, and I am learning just how much I forgot about firing logistics while immersed in writing the last few years! While I imagined horses ready to ship as soon as I returned from Tennessee, what is more likely is that I will have a lot of things coated with raw gloss glaze (which is a rather uninspiring strawberry pink) waiting for me to return before they can go through their final firing. When they are completed, I will share pictures here.

I also want to thank those that subscribed to the new Blackberry Lane Newsletter, and especially those who gave feedback about how it looked on different devices. It is my hope that by consolidating the venues in which I send out news, I will communicate a little more regularly. And if you would like a sneak peek at the topic of the next newsletter might be…


Yes, I plan to talk about belton patterning. Those are the colored ticks that some horses have inside their white markings or patterns. I’ll share a little about what I have discovered about them, explain how they are visually different from tobiano cat tracks, give you some resources to learn more, and – if the kiln gods are kind – share some shiny examples. And if you haven’t yet subscribed, you can do so using the form to the righthand side of this blog, under the heading “For the latest news…”

And for those attending Clinky Classic this year, I look forward to seeing you and your collections!

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