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A toast!

Here Sprinkles has fooled Addi with her “I’m a docile, sleepy pony who just wants to be petted” act. It is a routine she has perfected.

A toast to a successful visit! Addi finished her horses on time, and has now arrived safely back in California. We had a great time hosting her here at the studio – even if she did get my youngest child hooked on “Trogdar the Burninator” and my oldest on Dr. Who!

I have a backlog of pictures to post from the last two weeks, but I also have a backlog of everyday chores to attend. Not the least of these are some really large piles of laundry. I’m afraid that while we thought that sprucing up the garage and adding a spray booth might be a proper way to host a guest, our washing machine thought a dramatic death in the middle of the visit might be just the thing! So I am going to spend the next few days putting things here back in order, but then I’ll be back with more blog posts.

Here Addi finds out that it was all a ruse designed to get Sprinkles close enough to a forbidden pony toy – the windbreaker zipper pull.

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First look

Here is a peek at Addi’s first mare and foal set. These two came out of the kiln this morning. These are the first of the mares and foals to be painted together as a set, so it’s really neat to see them together.

Addi will have more pictures up on her blog later today.

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