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The last two posts had spam comments, which I deleted. I don’t want to turn commenting off because I really like hearing from everyone, but I don’t want to risk scams and viruses either. (The first comment I deleted had a link that immediately started a download if you clicked it.) So now if you want to leave a comment, you’ll need to fill in one of those little alphanumeric boxes. I apologize for the extra work, but hopefully that will keep our comments entirely about pretty shiny things, and not about enhancing body parts that I suspect most of us don’t have.

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Seeing things anew

Or… Is my website really that shade of eye-popping violet?

This is getting to be a rather unwelcome tradition, but I have once again had to replace my computer during the holidays. The technicians pronounced my (eight month old) laptop unworthy of repair and issued a credit. At least by now I am well-trained when it comes to backing things up. But after five laptops in six years, we decided that perhaps returning to a desktop model was a good idea. With one of those spiffy new LCD flat-screen monitors, it could even fit on the desk in the kitchen.

But boy do the colors on websites look different! What was a pleasant, rich purple on my laptop is rather garish and way too close to magenta for my taste. Hopefully it’s just that way on this end, and I haven’t been unwittingly assaulting my customers eyes for months.

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