Cutting the panels

Using what we learned from the cardboard mock-up, Alan was able to draw more precise plans for the final booth. This section will eventually connect to the fan and the ductwork that will take the overspray outside the garage.

Most of the commercial spray booths we looked at were made either of metal or fiberglass. Since we aren’t able to work with either of those materials, ours will be made from a high-grade plywood. (Well, that and saying, “I need something that requires you to use the table saw” is the easiest way to get my husband involved in a project.)

Here Alan is cutting out the pieces with the table saw. When Alan and I married sixteen years ago, we started out in an old farmhouse that was in much need of repair. So instead of registering for fine china and silverware, we registered at the Home Depot. That was how we ended up with a table saw as a wedding gift. (We didn’t have a sofa, but at least we had good woodworking tools!)

Here Alan is checking the fit on one of the angled cuts. Our hope is to have to do very little caulking after the box is assembled.

The next part of the project will be mine to do. Alan will build most anything, but he has always drawn the line at painting. That’s my area, so in the next few days I’ll be finishing these. At least, I hope it will only take a few days, since we are running out of time to have the new booth ready in time for Addi’s visit.

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