Dog blogging

We are all really enjoying having Addi here this week, but Emma is probably the happiest of all. New people have much less resistance to her tricks (like “wave”) than the regular studio residents!

She also approves of Addi’s taste in color schemes.

We managed to get our first firing done last night, which Emma also appreciated. Warm kilns make for idle, dog-petting hands! Those horses are now cooling in the kiln, and later this afternoon it will be back to work. Both Addi and I are working on dapple grey horses, and are comparing techniques as we go along. I’ll try to post work-relevant pictures next time.

But that probably won’t be before we make a totally-unrelated-to-work trip to the Rural Hill Scottish Heritage Center. Emma is not the only one to weedle Addi and Mel for attention; my kids have begged them to join us in our traditional fall excursion to the Center’s Maize Maze.


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