Elvis has left the building


Well, he will be leaving it.

Many of you have probably heard by now about the horrible situation with fellow collector Melissa Gaulding and her husband Herman’s battle with cancer. Mel recently announced that she was going to have to liquidate her collection in order to pay medical expenses.

As I looked through my collection of bisques today, trying to decide what I could donate for the cause, I realized that I had finished pieces that could be sold now. Some are prototypes, while others have been kept because they were a particularly good example of some technique or another. Others, like Elvis Impersonator (above), are just horses where I just got too attached to part with them.

I know that there aren’t enough horses here to keep Mel from having to sell some of her collection, but with luck maybe by selling some of them, I can allow her to keep a few favorites. If there is one thing I know, more horses will come out of the kiln and take the place of the ones that leave!

So I am sorting through what is here and how best to offer them to buyers. When I know which ones and how they will be sold, I’ll post it to the mailing list and most likely have a full listing with pictures on the website. In the meantime, I would encourage folks to keep Melissa and Herman in their thoughts and prayers. All financial hardship aside, they have a long road ahead of them and can use whatever support the collectibles community can give.

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