Everyone needs a little challenge

Can’t you see these guys glazed in really cool colors?

Sarah and I decided that it had to be attempted. I have no idea if it is possible. Thin legs are really difficult. Ditto that with the textured coats. And I won’t begin to think about the moldmaking fun that is a Sarah mane and tail! Nothing like a crash course in super-advanced moldmaking. (Perhaps I should have warned Joanie not to read this post, in case she takes one look as decides to change her phone number.)

But how could you resist?

And the attitude! (Oh, have I seen this expression from my own mare many times.)

You can see more pictures in the albums Sarah has set up for each: Imp the foal, and Vixen the mare. Sarah is already releasing them in resin, to go with her previously released stallion, Taboo. Sarah says that Lynn at LafnBear will be casting them for her, which will be fun. When all of us met for “Mayhem” last year, Vixen was mostly legless (and we were told the source of much cursing from Sarah) but even so she was already really cool.

It’s such an exciting time to be making shiny ponies!

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  1. mel April 16, 2008 at 1:02 am #

    You gals are killing me! It IS indeed an exciting time for shiny ponies!

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