Figuring out the best way to proceed

While I was working on the photos for the upcoming mold posts, I realized that while blogging is wonderful for sharing information in an informal way, it does have its limitations. With formal articles, I can do a lot to organize the printed page in a way that makes things less confusing. With blogging, I just have streams of text and pictures.

The more I thought about my plan to do both versions of the Imp mold simultaneously, the more I realized that I was going to be lucky if I didn’t confuse myself, nevermind anyone reading! In fact, just setting up a post showing the making of the simpler cast-in-one-piece mold was going to result in something long and hard to follow.

So I decided to do one mold at a time, starting with the simpler one, and break the steps down into smaller posts. I’ll probably send these over the next few days rather than all at once, since I’m still have to work on a lot of the photos. Just keep in mind that while it may take me a few days to post all the steps, this kind of plaster mold is usually made in the space of a day.


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