First guest is here!

Addi Velasquez arrived last night for her visit, and here she is breaking in the new spray booth. She’s working on a Vixen in this picture. I spent the day trying to decide what colors to make my own Jellibabies and Jitterbug.

I think I’m going to ask our friend Melissa Gaulding to help me decide. She arrives here in just a little while. Addi will be staying for the next few weeks, but Mel is just here for the weekend. We have a special surprise for her, which I’ll post separately.

I am going to try to blog through Addi’s visit. I’ve wanted to do that in the past, when I visited Sarah and Joan. Unfortunately I struggle with internet access (and time!) when I am travelling. But I am here with my own computer, so I have no excuse. (Well, except the time thing…)


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  1. mel October 13, 2009 at 11:53 am #

    Having seen the booth in action, I can vouch for how quiet it is! Lesli and I carried on a normal conversation with the fan running and we were barely aware of it. Plus it doesn’t vibrate the booth’s surfaces either. Addi and Lesli both thought the placement of the lights might need adjusting, or perhaps leaning into the booth more while working will help (thanks to it being bolted into the wall, it is solid as a rock)—likely time and use will tell. In the meantime, what a wonderful job Alan did!

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