Hair… long, beautiful hair…

Okay, so it’s not exactly long. He is more or less a stock type horse after all. But he does finally have some hair.

Some of you may remember this guy from some of the earlier moldmaking posts. When I left off, he was awaiting a mane so I could make the master mold. As you can see, I added the mane in plastilene clay directly to the sealed bisque. Considering how much of a mess I made across the background as I worked, it’s a good thing I was working on a bisque. If it had been the clay original, I probably would have had to recreate the background pattern. With the bisque it just took Goo Gone and a handful of sponge applicators and I had my background back.

Right now I am half-way through making the master mold. I’ve been taking pictures through the whole process, so I should have those to post in the next day or two.

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