Hard at work

The blog might be a little quiet these next few weeks while I work on the lottery horses. I thought about posting another peek at them, but right now they are either in the kiln or uniformly pink. The glaze that goes over the color fires clear and glossy, but before that the unfired glaze is pink. Pepto-Bismol pink. They don’t look particularly interesting that way.

But I did want to share some links to some splash overo Kathiawari Horses. There is an unmistakable homozygous splash on this site (scroll down a bit), and here is a heterozygous one. This tobiano probably has the gene as well, since it tends to skew the dark chest of the tobiano pattern upward towards the neck when the two patterns are combined. The Kathiawari is the second eastern breed to display the pattern, if you count the suspected Arabian stallion The Moneymaker. I have also seen Tekes with suspicious “bottom-heavy” face markings and blue eyes, so perhaps the pattern is not Nordic in origin as many have suspected.


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