Home again

Want a towel on a chair in the sand by the sea
Want to look through my shades
and see you there with me
Want to soak up life for a while
in laid back mode
No boss, no clock, no stress, no dress code

I suspect listening to Jimmy Buffett and Kenny Chesney is not the most effective way to transition back into the work world. Especially when a week at the beach just means a week’s worth of things that didn’t get done while you were gone! Surely that is how vacations work for everyone. And there is just something wrong with coming home to heavy sweater weather when you have a sunburn.

But we are back. Well, I am back. Alan almost immediately hopped on a plane to Japan and Brandon boarded a bus for the fifth grade trip. This week starts a flurry of travel for all of us for the next few months. Even I, a person who truly dislikes travel of any kind, will be heading off twice. The first will be my annual “Mayhem” retreat and then on to judge at Devilish Kokopelli. (Teresa, I really will send you my biography for the website. I promise!) All this chaos is why the Spring Lottery is being held unusually late this year. (Please overlook the irony of me using the words “unusual” and “late” in the same sentence.)

In the meantime I’m trying to catch up with neglected correspondence and projects left half-finished.


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