In Loving Memory

Scott Alan Jeffreys
(my twin brother)
December 24, 1966 – August 20, 2002

“Maybe we do not speak of it because death will mark all of us, sooner or later. Or maybe it is unspoken because grief is only the first part of it. After a time it becomes something less sharp but larger, too, a more enduring thing called loss.

Perhaps that is why this is the least explored passage: because it has no end. The world loves closure, loves a thing that can, as they say, be gotten through. This is why it comes as a great surprise to find that loss is forever, that two decades after the event there are those occasions when something in you cries out at the continuous presence of an absence.”Anna Quindlen

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  1. mel August 21, 2007 at 9:52 pm #

    Sometime, I’d like to hear a funny story about Scott?

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