Kentucky and my "To Do List"

I tried for years to use various ‘daytimer’ books, hoping they would magically transform me into an organized person. For all my good intentions, they would end up unused – or lost!

So I started just writing everything down in cheap spiral notebooks. Each day I’d write the date at the top and just start listing whatever I could think of that needed doing that day. Work stuff, kid stuff, meeting times, shopping lists – it all went down in no particular order. If I remembered something later, it got added. Then when the task was done, I marked through it. That was my incentive, getting to slash through completed tasks with a brightly colored line!

Which brings me to why I am not making the usual trip to Kentucky this year. In years past, I’d be eating breakfast at Denny’s this morning, enjoying bad food and worse service. I’d know which leaky, moldy room at the Holiday Inn North was mine for the weekend. I would still have my voice, but not for long. My mind would be filled with all things model horse, and I’d be surrounded by the people and things I like best. (Well, maybe not the moldy room.)

The only thing that has kept me from BreyerFest in the past has been weddings, but not this year. This year I stayed home to draw a few more lines through my “To Do List”. I will miss seeing everyone, and the master list (the one I’m afraid to actually write down) is still terribly long, but I’m getting closer. Perhaps I’ll be able to go to Lexington next year and celebrate that there is nothing to write in my notebook!


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