Making the rubber original

I don’t spend much time in the studio on the weekends. Even if I tried to hide out in there, my family would come find me! (Especially when I have told them that no one gets to jump in any leaf piles unless I get to go first.) But I did get the master mold prepped so I could pour the rubber original this morning.

Mostly that involved hitting everything with mold release and cutting sprues. Plaster molds don’t usually need this, but without sprues my rubber original will come out missing some body parts. I’m a little skeptical that even with these everything will fill correctly. Imp has a lot of narrow places!

So here are all the pieces so far: two sides, one poll and one gusset. Eventually the gusset will be cut into two, or perhaps three, pieces. I will leave it alone for now so there are fewer mold lines on my rubber original.

That original was poured early this morning, so now it’s just a waiting game to see if I have a whole foal in there. I don’t want to open the mold too early because the rubber can distort if it’s disturbed before it fully cures. I’m trying to tell myself that I can go away for the holidays without looking, just to be sure it’s done when I open the mold. (That’s unlikely to happen. I’m never that patient!)


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