More impishness

It’s a good thing I didn’t have to make good on my plan to drown my sorrows in blue clay, because Michaels didn’t have any more blue. I had to settle for pale terra cotta instead. Here I’m just trying to fill in the gaps between the resin and the original bed of plasteline so the original doesn’t shift when the rubber is poured.

This was also the point where I realized just how challenging this little guy was going to be. I already knew from my experience with Al-Hadiye that leg flexibility was a big problem. But that was with the rubber original. Little Imp here already has flexible legs. I found those little resin legs gave – and gave a lot! – against the pressure of the (relatively soft) plasteline. Yikes!

But he’s so cute. And I do have all this rubber that will go bad if it’s not used soon…

Here I’ve smoothed out the clay and have begun to shape the inner pieces. What I am going to be pouring is the large outside piece, so what I want here is to create an appropriately shaped negative area to hold those pieces.

That concept is more obvious in this picture where I have added the shape of the mold piece for the poll. Almost all horses require this piece so the ears don’t get damaged when the horse is demolded. Claying up this piece always makes me smile because it tends to make the horse look a bit like Carmen Miranda.

Notice I haven’t built up the walls of the mold yet. I want better access to the clay, so I don’t want to have to reach inside. Once I have the clay just right, I will build up the walls.

Now that I have the basic contours right, I am ready to finish the surface. I’m using a soft brush dipped in a little oil to smooth the clay. I’m also making sure that I have hit my mold lines exactly and that the clay is flush against the original. This is also my last chance to double-check for areas that might catch in the mold. (I think all is well so far!)

I have a few more steps before I am ready to pour the rubber, but it’s exciting to finally have him underway.

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  1. ~Jenn Danza~ November 15, 2008 at 10:39 pm #

    These pictures are so helpful Lesli! Thank you so much for taking the time to post them and talk about the process. My mind is wheelin here!

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