Some cool horses

I’ve been busy catching up on neglected tasks and cleaning out the studio, hoping that clearing out the clutter (both the literal and mental sort) will improve productivity. So I don’t yet have a glazed Imp, but I thought I would share pictures of Jag. He’s the new horse at the barn where I keep my mare, Sprinkles. He has a really fun personality

He’s also most likely carrying the splash overo gene. It might be hard to see in this photo, but this right eye is partially blue. His muzzle is interesting, too, because that isn’t mottled skin. It’s actually white hair on dark skin, and it only appears on this one side. The other side is dark.

My camera had a hard time capturing them, but he also has really pronounced reverse dappling.

Jag has had me thinking about how much the horse world has changed in recent years. He brings the number of appaloosas at our barn up to five. We also have four pintos and six palominos, but only three bays. For years the common complaint in the model horse community has been that we have a disproportionate number of “odd” colors, unlike the real world where most horses are bay or chestnut. It does seem that this has been changing somewhat.

One of my favorites at the barn, Omi, is bay. Despite his advanced age (28), I suspect I don’t have to tell anyone his breed. He is still used regularly as a lesson horse, and has the most amazing trot. I hope I age this well!

Like my own mare, he’s hard to photograph because he’s a love sponge. I have a lot of pictures of the end of Omi’s nose, instead of his neat tipped-in ears, because he always scoots in closer right before I snap the picture.

The presence of clutter in my studio (and my life) undermine my productivity, but spending time among horses is absolutely the best thing for it. I purchased Sprinkles almost three years ago because I thought unlimited access to an anatomical model would be helpful in my sculpting. What I didn’t realize then was that being around horses on a regular basis would help almost every aspect of my work.


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  1. DrSteggy January 15, 2009 at 5:01 pm #

    The color thing might be regional–I am taking lessons up here in north Jersey (hello, hunter world!) and the 30 or so horses there are mostly bay and chestnut. There are 2 apps, a handful of greys, a buckskin pony and a roan pony….and everything else is vanilla…but its also a pretty English riding-hunter/jumper focused barn and area, and the chestnut TB is still apparently considered IT.

  2. Becky Turner January 17, 2009 at 2:06 am #

    wow I love that 2nd pics of jag.. now that would be a relaly cool medallion! fuzzy coat, sticking up trojan mane and all! and it would really be cool if it was a clinky one too? lol it when you post horse pics! because they are usually cooly marked!
    Rebecca Turner

  3. ~Jenn Danza~ January 17, 2009 at 2:36 pm #

    That appy has tude! Wow! Nice face on that boy. Becky is right, totally great fodder for a medallion.

    Yeah, we have all chestnuts here at the stable in NYC too. Very few spotty critters.

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