Some Silliness

You are looking at the first – and most certainly the last – “original finish” run from Blackberry Lane. Yes, those are little ceramic road apples in a realistic green glaze.
Last year at BreyerFest, I offered to make the infamous “DaBar Poop” in china. I’m still not sure what possessed me. But here they are, fifty shiny piles (numbered, even!) on their way to Dave and Maggie Barkovitz. Maggie tells me they will be taking them to BreyerFest this week, though I was afraid to ask what they might be doing with them.


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  1. prairieskys July 16, 2007 at 11:51 pm #

    Oooo!! I wish I was going to Breyerfest! I’d snap up one of these in a second. Who wouldn’t want shiny road apples underneath there favorite horse?! 🙂

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