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A hobbit birthday

Today is my birthday, and true to the Hobbit custom of giving gifts to others on your birthday, I thought it would be fun to do a giveaway.

So here is the idea. I will be giving away the first realistically glazed “Inspire” trading card, and I’m going to let the winner pick the color. So if you’d like to enter, you need to either send an email (the address is on the website) or you can post here in the comments section. What I need is your name and the color you’d pick if you were selected. Your color choice will need to be pretty general, like “dark dapple grey” or “bay tobiano”, but beyond that I’m open to most anything. Late Christmas day I’ll randomly draw the winner.

Best luck to all who enter, and may everyone have a holiday season filled with friends and family!

[Edit: My email has a rather quirky spamblocker, so don’t worry if you get the message that your entry has been blocked. I’ve been checking the filter and moving anything over, so it won’t get lost!]

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A winner!

Thank you everyone who sent such kind words about the blog. I have really enjoyed doing the blog this past year. It’s such a great format for sharing information. I’ve always loved doing that, but informal nature of a blog sure makes it easier for me. I love not having to write anything polished and complete, like I would for a formal article. (And of course, not having publishing deadlines doesn’t hurt, either!)

I went through all the comments and emails, assigned everyone a number and the random number generator pulled up modelhorsecollector (Tracy). So Tracy if you send me an email with all your information, I’ll send the bracelet out to you.

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