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Oh my, but it’s rather dark in here…


One thing that I noticed, when I switched from a laptop PC to my current desktop Macintosh was that the photos that I had been posting were both extremely dark, and much too saturated. I had been warned that laptop displays were deceptive in this way, but I truly had no idea just how much this was true. Correcting some of my older photos has been on my to-do list for some time now, though have always been so many other things that were more pressing. That is still the case, but as I have been working on the website redesign, I have begun to fix some of them. I am also taking advantage of the larger format of the new layout, and uploading the corrected pictures at a slightly larger size. In the case of “Inch Kenneth”, the custom glazed Imp at the top of this post, that probably makes him larger than life on many screens!

As it stands, the redesign of this site is almost completed. I still have a few more pages to migrate over from the old “horsecolor.info” site, but the format is pretty much set. With so many years of archive covering a wide range of topics (mostly on ceramic production, but also a bit on horse color), I have paid particular attention to sorting out both the categories and the tags to make it easier to find useful posts. You’ll notice the footer on the blog page now has both a global search for the site, and a second search that allows filters by both category and tags. When I finish the redesign on the Equine Tapestry blog – which is my next task – those will be part of that site as well. There is also a fully-functional Feedburner link in the footer, too, for those that want to receive blog posts via email.

All of this is in preparation for the release of the new horse color book, and the two upcoming guidebooks for the equine collectibles community. There are sneak peeks of the covers of each of those on the front page of this site, and I will do a post in the near future with more information on all three. Things are also ramping up in the studio, so watch for photos of new pieces in the coming days.


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Flying Hearts Fundraiser

The effort to help Melissa just grew and grew. My friend Sarah said it best in recent post to her blog.

“So what began as Heather Malone-Bogle’s plaintive question of what could be done for them has now bloomed into a joyous, enthusiastic snowball of generosity from every corner of the industry. It’s times like this that remind us what’s important and what unites us, and so this effort has been a true celebration not only of Melly and Herman, but of what it means to be fortunate enough to have them as friends.”

And snowball it has! A website with the donations is being managed by Heather Malone-Bogle. You can see the various donations, or just find out how you can help, here:

Flying Hearts Fundraiser

I have already placed the Imp up on the AuctionBarn. His auction will end Tuesday night at 8pm EST. At least, I hope that’s how the time I entered translates. I’ve gotten that part wrong before!

What I haven’t yet done is update the website or get Adrenaline photographed. (The only file I could find for him was the one face shot.) I hope to have that done by tomorrow.

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