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Joan’s Lirico

Here is Joan’s Lirico, “Gaudi”. He was named for the famed Spanish architect best known for his excessively detailed Sagrada Familia, and there have been times when I wondered if, like Gaudi’s cathedral, he might never be finished!

Unfortunately it was nearly impossible to capture the detail in his pale coat. It’s too subtle, and easier to see if you are holding him and can turn him to minimize the glare on the glaze. But here is an attempt:

I am going to be sad to see him go, but I learned a lot about effective roaning techniques from him so he’ll be influencing horses here for a while to come.

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Cooking with gas

Okay, it’s actually cooking with electricity, but it’s progress all the same. These are all pieces ready for the final hand detailing stage. The two horses are long-standing commitments, while the circular medallions are the Clinky Classic awards. The smaller dark grey medallion in the front is a prototype for some Christmas ornaments. There’s another load much like this one that is cooling, and those horses are at the same stage as these.

My hope was to spend the week doing the hand work, which I find especially relaxing, and then start pulling finished horses out of the kiln by week’s end. Nothing is uplifting as shiny new ceramic pieces! With all that is going on in the world right now, and with our home town in particular, uplifting is good!

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