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My gambling problem

My family has had a good time for the last few weeks, teasing me about my “gambling problem”. That’s because PayPal froze my account on suspicion that I was running an illegal online gambling operation. So my father now refers to me as his “bookie” and asks to “put some money on the ponies”. Fortunately I was able to convince the customer service representative at PayPal that what our community refers to as a lottery isn’t really a form of gambling. My account was restored, but I was told I would need to remove all references to “games of chance” from my website.

I’m still not sure how this is going to change how I sell my work, but it’s clear that whatever is done the website needs to be changed. I’m using the opportunity to reorganize the site and do a few updates. I am not brave enough to do a complete redesign, but I hope to give it a little more logical structure.

With that goal in mind, I have been working on a blog index of sorts. I’ve had the blog for three years, and have generated hundreds of posts. Some of them are even useful! I’ve tried several times to get Blogger’s tags to work so people can better find the useful ones, but tags continue to allude me. So I am working on a page for the website with links to blog posts by topic. That way those looking for them can find all the posts on moldmaking, or all the posts on horse color, or glazing, or treehouses and catapults.

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