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More snow pictures

The first time I saw Sarah Minkiewicz-Breunig’s Vixen, there was something about her expression and posture that reminded me of my own spunky little mare. We were fortunate enough to get snow over Christmas and I was able to take a few shots of Sprinkles playing in it. The above picture reminded me very much of the pose on Vixen. Perhaps Vixen is tossing up her tail after dodging a few snowballs thrown in her direction. That was what Sprinkles was doing with my husband – or at least what she was doing before she decided to steal the snowballs and eat them.

That was a few weeks ago, and today we are snowed in once again. It’s a good day to work on reorganizing the studio, since potential power outages make me leery of throwing anything valuable in the kiln. (I always worry about color loss when refiring things.) When vital tools – and their duplicates, purchased during previous periods of hiding – go missing, it’s time to impose some kind of order on things.

In the meantime, I hope my fellow southerners are enjoying our unusually snowy winter. It’s a good opportunity to spend time in a studio – even if it’s only cleaning one.

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Snow day!

We got our second snow in as many months. Three inches fell overnight, so it’s still sitting undisturbed (aside from a few bunny tracks). In a few hours, it will be covered with sledding tracks and converted into snowmen. Like this guy from a few weeks ago:

There he is guarding my mailbox with his nerf sword. I thought the “angry eyebrows” were a nice touch. Of course, Emma would point out that he is facing the wrong way. Evil brown delivery trucks approach from the other direction.

But for now there is a view of pristine snow from the studio window (that’s the window visible to the right in the first picture). It has been a good morning for working on the blog index, which is now up on the website.

Organizing it made me realize just how much information has accumulated here on the blog. I was also surprised to see just how often I posted about mold-making, since I don’t consider that to be my real area of expertise. I am, truly, still learning that skill. But it is true that the best way to learn is to teach, so explaining the process has really helped me to better understand it myself. I was also surprised to see just how often horse color has creeped in, because I had decided early on that the blog would be about the studio, and not about my research. I guess the two things are more intertwined for me than I realized.

Hopefully with the index the information posted in the past will be more useful to others. I know it’s going to help me remember what I have already talked about here, and what hasn’t been covered and might be new and interesting. After more than three years, the real challenge is not to repeat myself too much!

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