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First guest is here!

Addi Velasquez arrived last night for her visit, and here she is breaking in the new spray booth. She’s working on a Vixen in this picture. I spent the day trying to decide what colors to make my own Jellibabies and Jitterbug.

I think I’m going to ask our friend Melissa Gaulding to help me decide. She arrives here in just a little while. Addi will be staying for the next few weeks, but Mel is just here for the weekend. We have a special surprise for her, which I’ll post separately.

I am going to try to blog through Addi’s visit. I’ve wanted to do that in the past, when I visited Sarah and Joan. Unfortunately I struggle with internet access (and time!) when I am travelling. But I am here with my own computer, so I have no excuse. (Well, except the time thing…)

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Finished spraybooth

We connected the spraybooth to the fan last night, and all is working. Alan had designed the system to minimize the noise, but even so I was surprised by just how quiet it was. I have to confess, it made me doubt that it was adequately powered – until I saw that it could pull a piece of paper up against the filter!

I could imagine reference papers getting ruffled around (and knocking down horses), so I decided it was a good idea to install a clip for holding papers. The clip is holding a magazine clipping of an Paint horse in the first photo, and here in this picture it is folded back against the booth. I liked that I could get it out of the way when I wasn’t using it.

I haven’t yet moved the compressor or airbrushes. I’m still rearranging my workspaces and getting a feel for what needs to move to the garage and what needs to stay in the studio. I am trying to keep my impact on the garage to a minimum, since that’s really my husband’s “guy space” (as the rack of fishing poles to the right of my booth illustrates!). At least there is a lot more room there now. I think I have hauled off a metric ton of useless “stuff”.

Enough that we could finally hook up the freezer we inherited from my parents a while back. It also serves are a useful countertop for proper celebratory refreshments!

Now I just have to work on convincing my husband that finishing and painting the walls won’t compromise the essential “manliness” of the place.

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