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More snow pictures

The first time I saw Sarah Minkiewicz-Breunig’s Vixen, there was something about her expression and posture that reminded me of my own spunky little mare. We were fortunate enough to get snow over Christmas and I was able to take a few shots of Sprinkles playing in it. The above picture reminded me very much of the pose on Vixen. Perhaps Vixen is tossing up her tail after dodging a few snowballs thrown in her direction. That was what Sprinkles was doing with my husband – or at least what she was doing before she decided to steal the snowballs and eat them.

That was a few weeks ago, and today we are snowed in once again. It’s a good day to work on reorganizing the studio, since potential power outages make me leery of throwing anything valuable in the kiln. (I always worry about color loss when refiring things.) When vital tools – and their duplicates, purchased during previous periods of hiding – go missing, it’s time to impose some kind of order on things.

In the meantime, I hope my fellow southerners are enjoying our unusually snowy winter. It’s a good opportunity to spend time in a studio – even if it’s only cleaning one.

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Summer time!

All the kids have been away at camp these last few weeks, including my pony, Sprinkles. The barn where I board her hosts a summer camp, and we thought it would be a good experience for her. She is a favorite among the campers, and certainly loves all the attention. In the picture above, she’s been “decorated” with Carolina blue handprints for the show the kids put on for the last day of camp.

Of course she also needed lots of blue ribbons to complete the picture!

She is also – finally – roaning out. Sprinkles is a suppressed leopard, which means that over time her forehand will roan out to reveal more spotting until she more closely resembles a true leopard. In the right light, the spotting on her face is now visible but I decided to wait until she wasn’t done up in blue paint to try to get those pictures.

Everyone being occupied with camp meant that the house has been really quiet, so I took advantage and logged some long hours in the studio. Unfortunately for the purposes of the blog, much of that time was spent cleaning the mounds of greenware that had accumulated. Just as I occasionally find the clutter in the studio is more than I can tolerate, I reach my limit with the castings. It isn’t very interesting for the purposes of blogging, but clearing the greenware shelves is great for a sense of accomplishment. (This was a good way to combat the frustration I have felt about not being able to finish the books in time for this year’s BreyerFest.)

In addition to clearing the shelves, I also made a fun discovery about a small project I had abandoned sometime last year. It had not worked as I envisioned it, so I set it aside. It turns out to be perfect for another application. Once the final results are out of the kiln (with luck, that will be tomorrow) I will post it.

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