It has been almost five years since I cold-painted a horse. For a while I did both – glazing ceramics and mixed media on resins. But over time the cold-painting tapered off as I got more deeply involved in ceramic production. Glazing is a good fit for me, and I’ve been an infinitely more productive artist since transitioning over to it.

But every now and again sculptures come out in resin that tempt me. These two guys – Lynn Fraley’s Netsky and Sarah Rose’s Mini Indy – have been sitting on my work bench doing just that. They represent two of my favorite breed types (small ponies and southern gaited horses). And I’ve learned that switching media from time to time can give you insights that keep your primary work fresh.

It’s also tempting since our family’s annual week on Pawley’s Island is coming up soon. For all the wonderful things about ceramics, one big drawback is that works in progress are so not portable! These two little guys keep whispering to me, “Hey, prime us and you can tote us and the pencils along and work on the beach. Those bisques over there can’t come to the beach.” So far I’ve been holding them off by reminding that that it will most likely mean one of them comes home half-painted and ends up staying that way for the next few years! But it is tempting.

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