The best laid plans

I had hoped to test out Etsy and some of the new giftware this holiday season. Unfortunately, my laptop was not on board with this program. In its defense, it had been sending me signals for some time that it was not up to long hours and tight deadlines. (Needing to give a little diagonal torque to the monitor to remove white noise from the screen is not usually considered a good sign.)

I did learn from my adventure during the last holiday season, so at least all my data is on a separate hard drive. But the programs I use for photos and website updates are all on their way to wherever it is that computers go for hardware fixes these days. I don’t know where that is (other than the fact that it is not, apparently, Charlotte!), but it is a place where they don’t seem to know about same day service or next day shipping. The closest estimate I could get was “a few weeks” and “we’ll call you”.

So I am retreating to the studio to play with clay. Nice, simple, never-needs-a-technician clay!


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