The new shop!


Today was the day I planned to open my new Etsy shop with some of the ceramic giftware I have been making here in the studio. I am now questioning the wisdom of planning a grand opening – or a grand anything! – for the holiday season. The items have been made for a long time now, but I sure didn’t allow for enough time to get photos and write descriptions, nevermind learn a new interface. There are just a few things in the store at the moment, but more will be added as I get the listings set up.

And if you haven’t explored Etsy yet, please do. As my little badge above shows, I have taken the “Buy Handmade Pledge” this year. Or perhaps I should say I’ve taken a partial pledge, and will be getting handmade items for most of the women in my life. (Guys are too hard to do this for!) In a world full of out-sourcing and questionable items made in distant countries, it seems like a small, positive step I can take. And Etsy is one of the best places to find unusual, handmade items.

I’ll leave off with a picture of the chaos I created while I was working on some of the jewelry destined for the Etsy shop.

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