The Pottery


Blackberry Lane Pottery takes its name from a small farm in Alabama where my husband and I made our first home. Although we live in suburban Charlotte now, Blackberry Lane lives on as a home-based pottery business. Here I make slip-cast earthenware horses and related giftware – tiles, medallions and jewelry components.

The primary focus at the pottery is limited edition figurines. These are typically sculpted by outside artists and licensed by Blackberry Lane for ceramic production. From that point, every aspect of production is done here in-house, from making the molds to finishing each piece in a unique, realistic color with ceramic underglaze. Sizes range from 9″ down to just over 2″. Smaller scales have been a specialty, though in recent years larger horses have been more common.


In addition to the editions released through Blackberry Lane, I often collaborate with fellow ceramic artists working in the equine collectibles industry. The ceramic community is particularly close-knit, so it is not unusual to see pieces produced at one pottery and finished by another. Over the years I have been privileged to work with Pour Horse, MarcherwareMinkiewicz Studios, Animal ArtistryBrightly Hude, Laf’n BearLucas Francis and Wizards Vale. These connections have enriched my work, and the results are sprinkled throughout the archives of this site.


And finally there is a range of giftware. These products grew out of my own interest in bas relief sculpture, as well as my tendency to dabble in a wide range of handicrafts. Giftware also allows me to work with text, design and color in a way that is not possible when working solely with realistic figurines. In more recent years, as more of my time has been devoted to designing books, giftware from the pottery has become rare.