The following are the most frequently asked questions about the editions and giftware produced at the pottery.

How can I purchase an earthenware horse from Blackberry Lane Pottery?
The majority are sold privately. Publicly offered pieces appear in the Blackberry Lane electronic newsletter. More rarely, horses are sold by auction. Most often auctions are the route for pieces sold for charitable causes, but they are also used for unusual horses that are difficult to price.

How can I purchase art tiles or jewelry?
Giftware pieces are available at the pottery’s Etsy store.  Announcements of new stock in the store are made on the mailing list.

How will I know when items are available for sale?
The best way is to join the online newsletter (the link for this is located to the right) or the studio Facebook page.  Sales and auctions are announced there first, before the information is sent to any public lists. Sneak peeks of upcoming items often appear here on the blog.

Do you take commissions for glazing?
No.  Because my work schedule is sporadic, I am not able to give a reasonable (or even predictable) turn-around on these types of projects.  It is far less frustrating for everyone involved if I limit myself to sales of finished pieces.

How many horses are in the Blackberry Lane editions?
Blackberry Lane editions do not have a set size or time frame.  Because the techniques used to glaze the pieces are time-intensive, and because production (from molding to casting to finishing) is all done by one person, only a limited number are produced.

Are horses available in bisque for others to glaze?
This is determined by the sculpting artist.  Some have requested that their work not be offered in bisque, while others do not mind.  When bisque pieces have been allowed, sales have been handled on an individual basis.

Can you cast and glaze a ceramic edition of my sculpture for me?
The pottery is not currently set up to do production work.  I do occasionally make master molds and ceramic production molds for others, but I do not do production casting or glazing.

Can you donate a horse to my show’s auction?
I no longer make horses for show auctions.  As much as I would like to help shows and show holders, I get far more requests each year than I can possibly fill, and picking from among the many worthwhile ones is impossible.