The Tennessee Clay Ball

My entry for the Clinky Classic 2006 Gingerbread Cookie contest, showing both my (previously unknown) talent with squeezable icing tubes and (already suspected) lack of good taste

The third Clinky Classic, also known as the Tennessee Clay Ball (as opposed to Tennessee ball clay) is a go! With so many of the large all-china shows (BOYC, MudFest, Breakables) no longer being held, it’s nice to see one come back. What is even better is that this time around there is more space for entrants. And Maggie has set up what has to be one of the most fun show websites around, so check it out!

I am excited about the show because I will get to judge the Custom Glaze division. Like a lot of artists, I don’t usually get to judge what I actually know best because it would mean no one could show work I had done. This time, however, there is a separate division for Blackberry Lane horses so there are no conflicts and all the custom glazes can show. I am really looking forward to it. I’m also planning some cool awards for the horses in the Blackberry Lane division.

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