Things are moving quickly


Since my post yesterday, things have been moving quite quickly on helping Melissa Gaulding. Apparently I was not alone in thinking about selling a horse or two on her behalf!

Many others had the same idea, and others have offered help with managing the effort. Brian and Shallon over at the AuctionBarn have offered to host the auctions free of charge. Heather Malone-Bogle is in the process of setting up a webpage, and there are a number of other plans in the works. It really is heartening to see so many people come together to help a member of our community.

For my part, I have decided that the first horse will be my Imp, “Butterbean” (pictured above). I haven’t offered any publicly yet – mostly because they are a real bear to paint! I also plan to offer a few other horses for direct purchase. One of those will be my Okie, “Adrenaline”. He was actually the kiln-mate to Mel’s much-loved Okie, “Asheville”, so it seems appropriate that he help the cause, too.

The poor guy looks downright alarmed¬†about being sold off, doesn’t he?

Right now I am leaning towards holding “Elvis” until Breakables. I have heard from Maggie that she’s planning to include a few lots to benefit the effort at the auction there. I thought it might be a good idea to space out the pieces being offered.

When I have more information, I’ll share it here.

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  1. mel June 20, 2010 at 4:03 pm #

    Your help is truly a miracle for Herm and me, and there are not enough words to tell you what your gifts mean to us. That you are giving pieces from your own collection in the hopes that I can keep mine is simply beyond anything I could have hoped for, and yet is so completely YOU. You are my dear, dear friend.

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