What happens when you play Dirty Santa

You get stuck with the St. Bernard Head Slippers. That’s my dad being a good sport about what he won in our family’s Dirty Santa exchange. He even promised us that he’ll wear them to work tomorrow. (Dad, are you reading? We will be checking so don’t conveniently forget!)

I was far more fortunate, having won the Books-a-Million gift card. It did come with one of those sproingy Santa hats, and the requirement that it had to be worn when using the card. I suspect the only thing that kept me from having it taken was pity. On the first day in Alabama my mother accidentally backed into my car. On the second day, I walked into one of my father’s baseball bats and broke my toe. So I guess after that, no one had the heart to stick me with the stuffed, singing penguins.

And now we are back home in Charlotte. It’s technically still Christmas for us, and will be for another week, but I am already looking ahead to work and the New Year. I finally reclaimed the studio from its Christmas rush chaos, and have all my horses and references on the table and the underglazes mixed, so I am ready to hit the ground running. Well, painting at least. (Running isn’t working so good for me right now.)

I do hope all my customers and colleagues have had a good holiday season filled with fun and family. I’m looking forward to all that 2008 will bring. And now I’ve got a humiliating hat to wear while I buy some books – online, where no one will see me.

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  1. Adalee December 31, 2007 at 5:40 pm #

    Love the slippers, Lesli! That picture is just precious. Here’s wishing you a speedy toe recovery, and a fantastic 2008! Have fun wearing that hat. I’ve never seen anything quite like it…


    Addi 🙂

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