Wrapped in plastic!

Becky Turner commented in the previous post about the foil saving clean-up time. I was so pleased with this side benefit to my clay-saving tactic that I decided to try something similar with the inner pieces. This is a picture of Elsie before I formed the inner pieces with clay. I used plastic wrap to line the inside of her belly and legs, then added the clay on top.

When the piece I poured this morning – the second large side – cures, I will have to remove the clay placeholders. It is best if that can be done without breaking the seal on the two side pieces, but that can be impossible when soft clay is stuck to all the detailed bits under the belly. My hope is that by lining some of that area with the plastic, I can pull it free more easily and leave less of a mess. Tomorrow I’ll get to see if it worked.

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  1. Becky Turner September 25, 2010 at 6:41 pm #

    OOhh! another good idea.. I hope it works! Im so glad you figured this out! Now I’ll be saved hours of work.. Im actually excited to do my next mold now! I just am dumbfounded I never thought of this for how much I hated cleaning up a side with clay all over it.. how the heck do they do a clay up a clay sculpt? shellack the sculpture?.. of course sharper minds did figure it out! lol… I cant wait to see how this come out now!
    Rebecca Turner

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