Another mold-making trick with Legos


I have written before about using Legos to make mold boxes. I’ve also used them to construct a platform to increase the depth of my mold boards. More recently, I found that I could use them extend the length of my mold boards to accommodate a sculpture that was a little too long. In this case, I was making a plaster waste mold of an clay sculpture. The sculpture was done many years ago in a very soft plasteline clay that had a low melting point, so it has been taking up space in the small dorm fridge sitting under my workbench. I wanted to free up that space, but I could not bring myself to just toss it. Making a waste mold was a way of saving the work, while also transferring the sculpture to a medium (in this case, ceramic greenware) that I like well enough that I might one day finish it.

With so many other ongoing (and late-running) projects, I was not willing to spend a whole lot of time. I certainly was not willing to have my husband make a larger set of mold boards just to fit this one piece. And really, I just needed a few more inches to make it work. That is when I realized I could create the inserts using Legos.


I did have to raid my husband’s workshop to get clamps that could span the distance. The larger clamps also gripped the boards low enough that corner was stable. (The larger clamp to right of the top picture was better for this, since it was deep enough to reach almost to the bottom.) The inserts were not quite as stable as a one piece board, so care had to be taken when I began to clay up the sculpture. But for a quick and inexpensive way to stretch the use of existing mold boards, it worked really well.

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