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One step closer

Here is the first bisque set of Vixen and Imp. I’ve learned the hard way that one bisque only tells me that it is possible to make the horse. It will take a few more before I know if the edition is feasible. But it’s one step closer, and she presented enough challenges that there were times when I wondered if I would make it this far.

I usually keep the first glazed piece from each edition, but I must admit I cannot decide her color. I looked over my “first piece” collection, and realized that they are almost all tobianos and toveros. Those types of patterns take fewer sessions (either scritching or firing) to create and they present far fewer technical problems. Usually by the time I’m holding that first bisque, I’m impatient to see color on the horse and the bisques seem too precious to do a color that might seem a little dicey. I’m on the fence whether to try something crazy and time-consuming with this first one, or avoid tempting fate.

Though perhaps with all the sabinos I have currently in the works, I think my “scritching claw” might never go away long enough to paint her!

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Palm pony!

This is the first bisque Imp. As you can see, he is tiny enough to fit entirely in the palm of my hand.

Because unfired greenware is gray rather than white (or transparent amber, in the case of the rubber), I was able to see all his tiny details. He even has a faint facial vein! I think you can see it in this close-up. How Sarah manages to sculpt this small just boggles my mind.

His only flaw is that he tips. I am going to pour a few more to see if they all end up tippy, but since his legs are properly aligned I suspect the bisques just have a slightly different balance. (Mel, for your sake I won’t use the B-word.)

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