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Finished spraybooth

We connected the spraybooth to the fan last night, and all is working. Alan had designed the system to minimize the noise, but even so I was surprised by just how quiet it was. I have to confess, it made me doubt that it was adequately powered – until I saw that it could pull a piece of paper up against the filter!

I could imagine reference papers getting ruffled around (and knocking down horses), so I decided it was a good idea to install a clip for holding papers. The clip is holding a magazine clipping of an Paint horse in the first photo, and here in this picture it is folded back against the booth. I liked that I could get it out of the way when I wasn’t using it.

I haven’t yet moved the compressor or airbrushes. I’m still rearranging my workspaces and getting a feel for what needs to move to the garage and what needs to stay in the studio. I am trying to keep my impact on the garage to a minimum, since that’s really my husband’s “guy space” (as the rack of fishing poles to the right of my booth illustrates!). At least there is a lot more room there now. I think I have hauled off a metric ton of useless “stuff”.

Enough that we could finally hook up the freezer we inherited from my parents a while back. It also serves are a useful countertop for proper celebratory refreshments!

Now I just have to work on convincing my husband that finishing and painting the walls won’t compromise the essential “manliness” of the place.

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Adding the fan box

With the plenum enclosed and the exhaust duct caulked, we were ready to start work on the box that would hold the fan. Our timing could not have been better, since the weather finally cleared enough that we could work outside. Since this was the part that vented to the outside, that was important.

This is the box Alan built to contain the squirrel cage fan. This is visible inside the garage, so the facing panel is clear plexiglass as an extra safety measure. The back of the box vents to the exterior of the garage.

Here we are priming the back of the fan box with Kilz. Since this opening will be flush against the vent hole on the side of the building, waterproofing that side of the box was important. That way moisture from the outside would not seep into the box and warp the wood.

The primer on the fan box (back part facing) dries while the legs are attached to the actual spray booth. These two pieces will eventually be connected by ducting.

Here I have propped the vent cover up face down against the back of the spray booth. We’ve learned the hard way to make sure that the inside of any vent cover has this kind of mesh covering. That is, unless we want the ducting to become home to various nesting critters!

Alan’s installing the vent cover on the outside of the garage.

Here is the inside work area. The fan box will attach to the wall where the vent is located. A new breaker has been added for the fan, along with another outlet for plugging in the airbrush and compressor.

Now it is just a matter of connecting all the parts. Well, that and continuing to purge the garage of thirteen years of accumulated stuff! A new spray booth won’t help us much if we have to trip over tricycles and fishing poles just to reach it.

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