Flying Hearts Fundraiser

The effort to help Melissa just grew and grew. My friend Sarah said it best in recent post to her blog.

“So what began as Heather Malone-Bogle’s plaintive question of what could be done for them has now bloomed into a joyous, enthusiastic snowball of generosity from every corner of the industry. It’s times like this that remind us what’s important and what unites us, and so this effort has been a true celebration not only of Melly and Herman, but of what it means to be fortunate enough to have them as friends.”

And snowball it has! A website with the donations is being managed by Heather Malone-Bogle. You can see the various donations, or just find out how you can help, here:

Flying Hearts Fundraiser

I have already placed the Imp up on the AuctionBarn. His auction will end Tuesday night at 8pm EST. At least, I hope that’s how the time I entered translates. I’ve gotten that part wrong before!

What I haven’t yet done is update the website or get Adrenaline photographed. (The only file I could find for him was the one face shot.) I hope to have that done by tomorrow.

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