Just call me Gimpy

I meant to send a post before my surgery, letting everyone know that the posts to the blog might slow down a bit for the next few weeks. Unfortunately getting everything in order so that I could take six weeks off took more time than I expected.But just so readers know, I went in for foot surgery this past Friday. The doctor shortened one of the bones inside my foot, reconstructed the damaged joint, and secured it all with screws. At the moment I am pretty much confined to the sofa, which is probably just as well since I am pretty heavily medicated. (The instructions on the prescription bottles say I should no operate heavy machinery, and Alan insists that includes Xacto blades.) Hopefully by the end of this week, I’ll graduate to crutches and then a bit later just an orthopedic “boot”.

Although posts to the blog will likely slow down, I had a number of older topics that I took pictures for but never got around to posting. I’m going to try to get some of those up in the next few weeks. These are older projects, so they might seem a bit out of order, but they have some useful information.

I will also be posting about the new editions from the studio for this year. I might be sidelined at the moment, there are a lot of exciting things planned for the near future.

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