Pony on a stick!

The Spinnaker mold goes on a base, and those get added after the horse is finished so for now he’s on kiln stilt. Horses get stilted when they go in for their final fire, otherwise the glaze on the bottoms of their hooves would fuse them to the floor. (No horse looks good permanently attached to a kiln floor.) In this case the stilt is just a safe place to put him while I rest my hands.

In this picture his dark areas are just blocked in. The really fine details of a pattern are added by etching them in with a really sharp blade. I only use the very tip, so I go through a lot of #11 blades. (My hands wear out almost as quickly!) When he is done, his pattern will look a bit like this guy. And he’ll have a dark tail. For the moment it’s mostly unpainted because I need a handle.

(He’s a donation for the Realistic Equine Sculpture Society.)

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