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Etsy Store is stocked again!

To help with holiday shopping, I have more bookmarks in the Etsy store.

I have also added a few of the “Inspire” Artist Trading Cards (also known as ACEOs, for “Art Cards, Editions and Originals”) in both glazed and bisque versions. My original plan for the trading card tiles was to offer them in bisque so that those interested in learning to glaze might have a sturdy, less-expensive canvas for practicing. I also hoped to use them for their traditional purpose, which is for trading between artists. I love the idea of being able to swap techniques in this way, because I have always found so much value in being able to really look at someone else’s work up close.

That hasn’t come to pass yet. I fear that I fell behind with all my projects after my surgery earlier this year, and I haven’t yet managed to catch back up. Eventually there will be some realistically colored samples, though! In the meantime, pick up some of the bisques if you would like to try some glazing.

And here is a more traditional Trading Card, done on paper with ink, Copic markers and colored pencils. I was experimenting with the card in anticipation of a project for the upcoming Bring Out Your Chinas Convention. I’ll post a little more about that soon.

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So close…

“Inspire” is almost done. He still has a few bald spots (still trying to decide the best direction for those strands) and I need to add the inner curve to the top right border, but I am so close. I probably won’t post again until there are glazed versions. Not that there’s much surprised left to him, after so many detailed posts about his creation!

And as many of you who have followed this blog for a while now have already figured out, I am utterly incapable of multi-tasking. It is really difficult for me to put a project down and pick up another. So everything in the studio ground to a halt while I worked on this sculpture.

That meant that I didn’t get my claybody custom photographed and loaded up to the Auction Barn before the holidays. I fear I missed my window, since many people find it hard to bid on items close to Christmas. I think I will hold off on the auction for a little while, but I will try to get her pictures up. She’s too cool to hide away just because I got distracted.

It wasn’t just the studio that has suffered from my obsession. The holiday baking hasn’t been started. My family is beginning to wonder if I plan to feed them, or just show them a few more strands of clay horse hair!

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