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All the Flying Hearts tiles sold from the Auction Barn in a flash, so many folks didn’t get to see them. If you’d like to see all the finished ones to date, I set up a page on the website.

Those are all gone, but I will be doing a few more in the future. They were a fun break from playing in the plaster, and all the money went to help Melissa and Herman. Good all around!

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Tiles are coming!

I’m in the process of getting pictures of all the finished tiles, and should have them up on the website in the next day. Watch on the “New!” page for teasers, but they will eventually have their own page there. There are enough of them (almost 20) that it will be easier to show them there than here on the blog.

And this is my elaborate system for taking pictures of relief work: a piece of cardstock set on the back porch. It works surprisingly well!

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